Music For Your Feet
Music For Your Feet

Welcome to the Knock-Kneed Bumblebee Band - foot-tapping live music for your next barn-dance or Ceilidh.


The Knock-Kneed Bumblebee Band plays for Barn-Dances & Ceilidhs in the Surrey & South London areas. 


We specialise in charitable money-raising events - but also play for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, club functions etc. 


Most of our bookings are repeated year after year and we are proud to have worked with many charities such as the Orpheus Centre, Cry-in-the-Dark and Shooting Stars as well as schools, scouting and church organisations.

Bumblebee: Any of numerous large robust hairy social bees (Mirriam Webster Online Dictionary)

For your barn dance in Surrey & South London

Contact us

If you are interested in booking us, or simply want to know a bit more, please email or phone us as you prefer:


or call Iain on 020 8773 0537




Please note: we will be pleased to co-ordinate with you to allow you to confirm a hall booking, but we do not hold dates on an "open" basis.

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